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Electrochemical Battery

We offer the widest range of batteries for Automotive, Defense, Aerospace and other Industrial applications including AGM, GEL, Deep cycle battery series for Standby, Communication equipment, Emergency lighting systems, Solar powered and Wind powered systems, Load leveling and Storage equipment, Marine equipment, Power generation plants, Alarm systems, Uninterruptible power suppliers and Stand-by power systems etc.

Tubular GEL VRLA Battery
The Tubular Gel Technology based on gas recombination principle is a proven technology by rigorous lab and field testing and meets International standards. These are Maintenance free (no water top-up) "TUBULAR GEL VRLA BATTERY" with a combination of Tubular Plate and Gelled electrolyte that make it an ideal choice in Solar, Telecommunication and Railway applications. The product meets the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

  Click here to Download-Tubular GEL VRLA Battery Specifications

Low Maintenance Tubular Lead Acid Battery
These Tubular batteries are assembled in PPCP containers with tubular positives and lattice grid pasted negatives made of special lead alloy for minimized gas generation and low topping up frequency of minimum once in a year. These batteries are used for Solar Street Lighting, Domestic Home Lighting, Windmill Power generation, Power Plants, Telecommunication, Railway Signaling applications.

  Click here to Download-Low Maintenance Tubular Lead Acid Battery Specifications

Pure Lead-Tin VRLA Battery
These batteries employ pure lead tin, thin plate design for high performance. These are designed using absorbent glass mat (AGM) separators that render the batteries spill - proof. The batteries are delivered full changed and can be commissioned immediately without delay for Telecommunication, UPS and Cyclic duty applications.

  Click here to Download-Pure Lead-Tin VRLA Battery Specifications

Lead - Calcium VRLA AGM Battery
These are premium design Valve Regulated Lead Acid - AGM technology Battery that works on Gas Recombination Principle with heavy duty Lead Calcium Grids. These batteries are the best choice for applications where no maintenance and minimal space requirement are of utmost importance such as Telecommunications, Power, Oil and Gas, Railway Signaling & Communication.

  Click here to Download-Lead Calcium VRLA AGM Battery Specifications

Ni Cad Battery
Ni Cad batteries has low internal resistance, high rates of discharge, improved recharge capability and lower weight with a high cycle life. The Ni-Cad Fibre Plate batteries are designed to suit customer's requirements and conform to IEC 60623 BS6260, DIN 40771 and other International Standards.

Traction Battery
These Batteries are designed to enhance performance standards for power needed in full shift operation of forklifts, pallet trucks, material handling equipments and other battery operated vehicles. The powder coated or FRP lining makes the battery resistant to acid. Specially designed vent plug are used for rapid filling and topping up of cells. Care has been taken during design and testing to ensure that problem of terminal / intercell connector corrosion and electrolyte leakage are eliminated.

Automotive Battery
Our portfolio comprises of Dry Charged and Factory Charged Lead Acid Batteries from 12V, 32 Ah to 12V, 200 Ah.
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